Our Company

Our Mission

Brandon/Kane Productions is a boutique agency committed to a collaborative filmmaking process by sharing our expertise in creative and efficient fundraising and distribution solutions. Our strategies support filmmaker career sustainability and compelling stories that change the world one film at a time.

Our Company

Brandon/Kane Productions develops and implements fundraising and distribution strategies to meet the distinctive needs of your project.  We specialize in individualized support for documentary filmmakers at any stage of the filmmaking process. We have a passion for documentary film and want to partner with you to offer our expertise. We get excited about seeing you do what you do best…and that is make documentaries.

To achieve this goal, we identify direct funding sources and pitch forums; develop crowdfunding campaigns; review and assist in budget development; prepare and submit grant proposals; as well as review and prepare treatments.  On the distribution front, based on your goals we choose the best distribution platforms for your film, represent you and your project, handle the negotiations, and produce the contracts. This includes identifying appropriate audiences, developing festival strategy, and more. While we prefer to get involved with projects during the development stage, we can jump in at any time.

Let us do what we love which is to help you achieve success.  Forget about grant writing, forget about the negotiations … leave that to us. We’re flexible, affordable and fun to work with. We do what we do because we love what you do.