Our Services


Our Services

Brandon/ Kane Productions offers a range of services to assist in the funding and distribution of documentary and independent films. Our services include:

Fundraising Strategy

We have a broad-based fundraising background and hands-on experience with a wide-range of innovative and effective fundraising tactics.  This means we know that every fundraising plan is unique and we have the skills to create an individualized program to achieve your budget goals.

Distribution Strategy

Our team is well connected throughout the US distribution market.  It doesn’t matter if your distribution goals are theatrical, digital, educational, self-distributed, non-traditional, or a combination of all. We leverage our knowledge of distributors’ goals and priorities to help you develop the best distribution plan for your project -- a highly targeted, efficient tactical approach.


Our team brings experience from multiple industries including business, film production, marketing, fundraising, events/promotion and more.  Our combined experience provides a holistics perspective to help you create a realistic budget for your project and ensure that it remains reasonable as plans ebb and flow.


Our team has years of proven success in marketing, sales, events and promotion where understanding the market and audience is paramount to success. Using market data, we help you identify and clearly define the best audience for your film based on your goals and objectives, the film’s subject, and the state of marketplace.


Your area of expertise is creating the idea.  At Brandon/Kane Productions, we recognize that it’s not always easy to effectively translate these concepts into a well written document.  We have a team of experienced writers who love documentaries and listening to you talk about your ideas.  Through a combined intake questionnaire and interview process, we can draft your initial treatment and work with you to edit it until it meets industry standards and your expectations.

Festival Strategies

Based on the distribution strategy, our team can help inform your festival plan.  We are also closely aligned with agencies who specialize in Awards Strategy, Outreach, and Media Targeting.  We encourage you to work with these agencies, allowing a stronger more collaborative resulting plan.


We believe that successful distribution is more than a contract. We negotiate on your behalf to secure the best licensing fees.  We remain flexible in our efforts to find creative solutions that are in your best interests.


We recognize that securing grants, and maintaining them, means effective and efficient research, well aligned opportunities, customized writing for each proposal, and routine, timely reporting. We manage the entire process for you. We also leverage our vast network to ensure that we remain current on funder goals and priorities.


We recognize that not every crowdfunding campaign is successful. We not only work with you to design your campaign strategy, messaging and incentives, we have social media experts dedicated to support your campaign.  They’re working to build your social media following in the months leading up to your campaign; and they’re working to ensure your audience remains engaged throughout the life of your campaign.


As part of a dual fundraising/distribution service, our team offers support with pitching opportunities.  We help you identify opportunities, prepare applications, prep for the pitch, and if needed, participate in the pitch with you.

Donor Cultivation/Stewardship

Creating a plan to recognize your supporters is as important to fundraising for your current project as it is to the project you’re crafting in your head.  We help you develop cultivation and stewardship strategies and tactics to secure gifts for your current film and keep those donors happy for future gifts.