Water in the Desert

Water in the Desert

Directed by Franc Contreras
A Film in Concept Development

Water in the Desert (The Plume) is an intensely personal portrait of what happened to one desert community in the Southwestern United States decades after the discovery that military weapons makers and high-tech industries had contaminated its underground water supply with carcinogenic chemicals. 

The story will be largely narrated by writer/director Franc Contreras, who grew up in the affected community and whose mother died there, age 34, of cancer.  His primary focus will be on the lives of activist women, who have dedicated their lives to dealing with the fallout of water contamination.  

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Franc has been travelling and reporting from across Latin America since 1996.  He has written and directed hundreds of short and medium format documentaries, and his stories have been seen by millions of viewers around the world on channels including Al Jazeera English television, BBC World Service television, CBC Television in Canada and the China Global Television Network.